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I've been thrilled to work with sustainable pet food company on social media assets for their recent launch. From UGC content, to Instagram stories, this has been a great opportunity to diversify the formats I can design with. It's also been great to work with a brand with such a vivid story, as well as a strong typeface and bold colours. I've loved the chance to flex my creativity and animation skills, and excited to continue to work with them in the future.

Freelance animation

Social media curation

File formatting 

Resizing raw assets



It's been great to work with an upcoming brand, as I've had time to understand their branding journey and how it develops as they grow. It's also been interesting moving away from designing for media purposes, the sustainable angle of Aardvark make them important in their industry, and it's been great to learn from them. Understanding the different file formats needed for social media is also crucial to this kind of work, and I've loved getting to grips with what is needed for different platforms.


Social media expertise

Typography and branding 

Consistency across assets

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