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From tackling random brief generators, such as fashion trading app 'Gesundheit', to freelancing for upcoming artists on photography, album artwork and lyric videos, I love a challenge. Personal projects always spark my curiosity, from entering into a Lady Gaga Adobe competition, to artwork for my favourite TV shows and films. I've also recently really enjoyed freelancing for the social media channel 'PopCrave' on social static and video assets. Check out some of my favourites below!

Content creation


Poster design

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe After Effects

Final Cut Pro

Free Instagram Post Mockup For 2020.jpg
PopCrave Intro_2.gif
Troyepsd2 colour2.jpg
Final vinyl Record PSD MockUp.jpg

Having time to myself to play with creativity is where I really have fun, and some of my favourite designs have been from a complete desire to experiment. The vinyl cover for Pixar's Soul (above), allowed me to utilise texture in a way I've never explored before. Collaborating with artists brought the challenge of balancing successful creative, with an artists own innate desire to communicate their message. I'm really thankful of how much I've learnt through personal projects.

Developing client relationships

Clear communication


Typography and layout

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