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In 2019, I was thrilled to be chosen to be Head of Marketing for Exeter University's campus radio station XpressionFM. To fully capture the effervescence of the station, I designed a new logo, branding and type, and was thrilled to win Best Station Branding at The Student Radio Awards. Social was a core focus, where I led idea generation for content to connect with audiences, such as distinct visuals for events such as 'Love is Blind', and initiatives such as 'Pick of the Week'. Following the rebrand, the station also saw a massive boost in social engagement, with an increase of over 20,000 impressions.

Logo design


Adobe Photoshop

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Typography and layout were crucial in ensuring the success of the logo. I wanted to choose a clear sans serif font that could be customised, in order to highlight the creativity of the station and the individuals within it. 

Screenshot 2021-04-27 at 11.34.50.jpg

I took a lot of inspiration from the simplicity of current radio branding, but wanted to create something bright and youthful that would represent how the station was ran by students. 

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Through developing the creative for XpressionFM, I learnt being an excellent designer also involves being a great social media strategist; a marketer with a clear vision; a leader who can immerse the team in what the brand represents. When initially brainstorming the new creative, I kept trying to add more. However, I quickly discovered the important lesson of how design can often mean less. Making sure there was a consistent colour scheme, type and layout, allowed the branding to be most successful.



Social media content creation

Website design

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